Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Issues: Twig Project

One of the main issues that we talked about in class today was variety reduction. Many of the projects we saw in critique today wanted to focus on one aspect of either their twigs or their structure. Taking away some of the excess material and simplifying the project would add much more focus to the main idea the designer is trying to convey. Another predominant issue that we discussed was color contrast. In many cases, the twigs got lost in the structure created for them, thus taking away from the main purpose of the project. Scale and proportion was another thing that needed to be improved upon in some projects. Just like the problem of color contrast, the twigs got lost in some of the projects when the amount of material overpowered the twigs. The last issue we discussed in class was craft. Although a lot of the projects were very well crafted, many of them can be easily improved with some simple touch-ups in craftsmanship.

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