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Timeline: 1475

1475 BC

o The obelisk in London erroneously known as "Cleopatra's Needle" is erected in the Egyptian Helopolis to celebrate the recent ascension of Pharaoh Thutmose III.
o At the tomb of vizier rekh-me-re at thebes, a wall painting depicts a brazing operation
o Achaeans invade and conquer Eastern Crete
o The Israelite Exodus from Egypt and slavery
o The Minoan civilization suffered constant natural catastrophes: floodings, earthquakes and maybe volcanoes caused loss of population and destroyed towns and palaces
o Egyptian Campaigns in Palestine and Syria
o Campaigns of Babylon
o Hittite-Hurrian Wars
o Hittite Conquest of Anatolia
o The beginning of wide Hellenic expansion in the Mediterranean.
o A picture is painted showing the teenaged pharaoh holding a baseball-bat-like-object, with a hieroglyphic caption stating that he is engaged in a game of seker-hemat, literally "hitting-the-ball."


1475 AD

o The Turks erected a mosque in the center of Banja Luka
o Shkodra fell to the Ottoman Turks and many Albanians fled to southern Italy, Greece, Egypt, and elsewhere; many remaining were forced to convert to Islam.
o The oldest recorded game of chess is played, between Francesco di Castellvi and Narciso Vinyoles.
o Treaty of Picquigny] king Louis XI buys English contacts
o Future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, a member of the Habsburg family of Austria, married Mary of Burgundy, heiress of all the Netherlands
o Russia takes over Novgorod
o The Swiss began annexing the southern approaches to the strategic and lucrative St. Gothard Pass over the Alps
o After four years of war, Spain agreed to allow a Portuguese monopoly of trade along Africa's west coast and Portugal acknowledged Spain's rights in the Canary Islands.
o An edition of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales was printed by William Caxton
o William Caxton sets up printing press at Westminster
o Kiva Han, the world's first coffee house, opens in Constantinople, now modern day Istanbul.


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