Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deliverables Articulation

berlin, germany

1. Perspective of facade
-in ink on bond with gray tones
2. Perspective of building during WWII
-in ink on bond
3. Detail of glass dome
-in ink on bond with overlay to show the difference between night and day
4. Detail of the inside of the glass dome
-on vellum to show the effect of translucency the mirrors give off
5. Perspective of north side of building
- in ink on bond with gray tones
6. Perspective of south side of building
-in ink on bond with gray tones

Outline of essay
I. Introduction
a. dates of building and rebuilding
b. architects
c. purpose

II. Historical Perspective
a. the impact of the war on the building
b. occupants
c. the influence from different architects

III. Design
a. pre-war
b. during war
c. post-war
d. glass dome
1. how it has evolved through the destruction and rebuilding of the reichstag
2. it's significance
3. the significance of the mirrored spiral in the middle of the dome

IV. Summary
a. what made it a successful building
b. commodity, firmness, and delight
c. personal experience from visiting the building

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