Monday, October 6, 2008

UNITY project compare/contrast

My Project

Bray's Project

While looking at the diversity among the Unity projects this morning, I noticed that my project has a lot of similarities to Bray Holbrook's project in the sense that both of our projects incorporate the use of boxes and have an altogether linear quality to them. Another similarity I noticed about our projects is the sense of continuation. In Bray's model it seems as if her middle section is a rotated version of the two other sides. Looking at it, the eye envisions the middle portion turned upright to create a bigger "box" shape and thus creates a very interesting sense of unity. Whereas my model has a box on the top, but on the bottom only has two corners of a box. Also using the idea of continuation or continuity, the eye completes the box on the bottom even though there are only two corners that are actually visible. Although our projects have a vast amount of similiarities, the differences are still obvious as well. While Bray's model had six cubes, my model only had one. The overall structure of our projects are different but the qualities we used to complete them are very similar.

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