Friday, October 3, 2008

Unity Project Models

In this project, we were told to create Unity in a structure of our choice using exactly twelve skewers and twelve planes of 4"x6" bristol board.

My first attempt at the Unity project
Originally, I wanted for the viewer to be able to see he spaces between the planes of bristol board. After creating 4 modules, each consisting of three skewers and two pieces of bristol board, I made the base rise up into the modules in the back to create something more than a simple solid base. However, after completing this first module, I noticed that the structure was not as supportive and sturdy as I had first intended it to be. Thus, I began to change my idea and came up with a second model.

My final model
In my final model, I kept the same idea of negative space. I first created a box-like structure, with my skewers being sandwiched in between the planes of bristol board. Looking at all of the space the skewers created by sticking out of the box-like structure, I decided to play with Gestalt's idea of continuation or continuity. With the planes that I had left I integrated two corners of a box on the end of the skewers instead of making a complete box. Although there are not two complete boxes within my project, the human eye automatically sees the incomplete box as complete.

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